About Us




This website is a project of the Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia, which represents 340 sheep farmers in Nova Scotia. Sheep farmers in Nova Scotia are a diverse lot. Many are part-time farmers with small flocks. There are a few full-time sheep farmers with flocks as large as 550 ewes.

Website development was funded jointly by the Sheep Producers Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture’s Building Industry Capacity Fund.

Creative ideas and content for this website were generously provided by the following people:

  • Ruth Mathewson, Woolies of Upperbrook Farm
  • Delia Burge, Cobweb Woolies, Water Street Studios
  • Patricia Bishop and Emily Lutz, Taproot Fibre Lab
  • Faith Drinnan, Sisterhood Fibres
  • Barry Eisenhauer, Windswept Farm
  • Marilyn Rand, Lambs Run Farm
  • Anne Bishop, Oak Hollow Farm
  • Jonathan Wort, Perennia
  • Pia Skaarer Nielsen, Wondrous Woolerie
  • Marg Zillig, Zillig Family Farm